December Tips & Tricks from the Harvest Spa Chicks!

December is all about the number one face product we feel our clients underestimate the most… toners!

For Christine, Jenn, and Susanne, toners are one of the MOST important products in our daily routine. Whatever your concern, dry, oily, aging, hyperpigmentation, fatigued… Eminence has a tonique that’s right for you. Here some of the toniques we love and reasons why we can’t go anywhere without them!

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Christine’s Pick – Wild Plum Tonique


An Ode To Wild Plum

Monday morning
Feeling glum
I grab my tonique
And spray my face with plum!

Dry and dehydrated
Dull and sad
This tonique helps these conditions
Never again to be had

Vibrant and glowing
Toned and lightened
“Halleluiah!” my skin cries
As my complexion is brightened

Salicylic acid
Mineral nutrients, too
Oh, Wild Plum Tonique
How I love you!



Jenn’s Pick – Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

punta cana 2015 810


Hello from sunny Punta Cana! I love my Stone Crop Hydrating Mist so much that I won’t vacay without it. This soothing, healing and hydrating tonique helps keep my complexion bright, fresh, and hydrated all day long; whether it be in the cool Canadian climate or the hot Dominican sun. The stone crop plant juice, spring water, and salicylic acid lightens pigmentation, protects against free radicals and removes surface impurities. I’m good at making sure my family wears their sunscreen, but I love knowing that just incase we miss a spot or are late to reapply, the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist will do the trick for soothing a minor sunburn. This soothing mist also sets and seals my SPF minerals and works great as a make up remover, or aftershave for my husband so I can avoid packing some extra cosmetics which is important when you’re jet setting. I just LOVE this stone crop mist!

punta cana 2015 812

Susanne’s Pick – Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, meet Neroli Tonique!

IMG_6024Neroli is always there when I need her. I’m not a morning person, but I feel instantly refreshed to wake up and find Neroli by my bedside ready to start the day, and when I feel drained after my morning workout routine, or have a long day of work ahead, it’s Neroli who’s always there to pick me up again.


Just a couple of sprays from this powerhouse hydrating mist is all it takes for my skin to feel refreshed and help me bounce back on my feet again. The neroli oil, softens my skin and acts as a refreshing, hydrating antiseptic. Eminence’s “Natural Retinol Alternative Complex” (derived from the chicory root and tara tree gum) helps boost my collagen production and gives my skin a firm and youthful glow. The Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist is also infused with powerful plant stem cells from the Swiss green apple -which help maintain my skins elasticity and encourage new cell production to delay the signs of aging. Coconut milk moisturizes and helps keep my PH levels balanced, and a plethora of antioxidants help combat free radical damage.

Wait a minute… a two second way to balance, refresh, protect and fight the signs of aging in a liquid spray bottle that conveniently fits into my purse? It’s no wonder why I love taking Neroli everywhere I go!


Yes, Neroli and I will be good friends for a VERY long time. You can have a friend like Neroli too, there’s an Eminence Tonique for everyone!


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