We are so excited to announce we now are licensed to serve and sell alcohol at Stevenson Farms!

So who’s BOB LOBLAW?

On countless ocassions we have been asked by guests if we, or Theodore Loblaw were of any relation to “Bob Loblaw”- likely reffering to the arrested development show and ongoing character “Bob Loblaws- Law Blog” – now that’s a mouthful! (blah. Blah-blah)

Loblaw was part of the prohibition society back in his day and we know he would not have approved of having a bar named after him, so we added a frothy pint and a pair of sunglasses to our beloved Theodore Loblaw portrait to create Bob Loblaw himself.  That either makes us a couple of bad asses, or just asking for ghost trouble …sorry Thed! Theodore however also loved smoking cigars in this place and that is now strictly forbidden and enforced with bylaws, how times have changed!

It has been our dream to offer the local community something fresh, new and exciting.  We refer to ourselves as the “experience venue” each event is a small, intimate experience that allows you to get up close and personal with us, be a part of the themes we create, and enjoy the talent we source to entertain you.

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