April Tips & Tricks from the Harvest Spa Chicks!

Spring is finally here, and that has the Harvest “spring chicks” feeling in the mood to “clean with green” this April! Here are some “green systems” to help you lighten and brighten, or stay clean and clear this month!

Christine’s Pick – The Eight Greens System


I can sympathize with hormonal skin sufferers, so this combo is great for maintaining a balanced pH and to help minimize any monthly flare ups. The Eight Greens products offer natural phytoestrogens from yucca extract to help normalize oil production and reduce breakouts, stone crop, flax, and linseed extract to infuse the skin with vitamins, nutrients and omega 3s to help nourish heal and protect. This line also contains Eminence’s Biocomplex super antioxidant booster with vitamins A, C ester, E, coenzyme Q10, and lipoic acid to protect against free radicals.

To cleanse, I picked the gentle and refreshing Lemon Cleanser. This cleansing milk gently removes impurities while maintaining moisture balance in the skin.















Next, the Lime Refresh Tonique to infuse the skin with vitamins and antioxidants while balancing pH levels, removing any remaining impurities and leaving the skin feeling matted and toned.

To exfoliate, I chose the Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm polisher to help remove toxins, improve skin clarity and infuse the skin with nutrients.

To treat, I recommend the Eight Greens Phyto Masque HOT with natural phytoestrogens to help normalize oil production, stimulate circulation and cell renewal and detoxify the skin of impurities.

The Eight Greens Booster Serum – to help normalize oil production, prevent hormonal breakouts and increase the skins ability to regenerate.

The Eight Greens moisturizer – to help maintain normal hormonal balance, increase collagen and elastin production, and fight the effects of free radicals.

And finally, the Cucumber Eye Gel to calm puffiness and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.



Sue’s Pick – The Eminence Stone Crop System















This is a system is great for all skin types, and is especially good for any sun worshipers out there to help lighten, brighten and help reverse some of the damaging effects of the sun. The juice and pulp from the stone crop plant, a succulent, is nutrient and vitamin rich, naturally lightening, and very healing and hydrating. Other key ingredients in this mix are shea butter, corn germ oil, and yarrow oil that help soften, nourish and moisturize the skin while bioflavonoids and Eminence’s Biocomplex; a super antioxidant booster which contains vitamins A, C ester, E, coenzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid that aids in combating free radical damage.

For this homecare system, I chose the Stone Crop Gel Wash, to gently cleanse and degrease the skin.  The shea butter in this gel cleanser not only offers calming and antiseptic properties, but it also helps with hydration. This cleanser also works great as a sensitive skin shave lotion!













Next, the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist to remove any residue and leave your skin feeling calm, toned and hydrated. This toner also works great as a sensitive skin aftershave, a makeup remover, and prolongs the sun protection when applied on top of Eminence Sun Defense Minerals.

The Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Use once a week to keep skin feeling soft and polished.

To treat, I recommend the Bright Skin Masque, which also contains the anti-inflammatory, lightening, and regenerative properties of the stone crop plant. To be used twice a week to keep your complexion looking radiant and youthful.

I added the Citrus and Kale C&E serum for those with mature skin to give extra lightening, brightening, and wrinkle fighting power.

The Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer will help increase the skins ability to retain moisture, tone, and firm the skin, as well as assisting in protecting against free radical damage.

Cucumber Eye Gel, to soothe and protect the delicate area around the eye.

And finally, the Stone Crop Body Lotion for full body hydration and a youthful glow that goes head to toe.

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